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Wayward Faith

by Rapt

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lord of the boof
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lord of the boof A record that towers over everything before it. This is true sorrowful, melancholic folk that is completely drenched in a haunted beauty that most records could only dream of projecting. Favorite track: Last Night In Exile.
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knightd68 It's fascinating that something so seemingly exquisite and gentle can at times seem so bleak. It's mid winter on a sunny August morning as I write this. That paradox makes this wonderful record even better. The dual vocal tracks work brilliantly. I can't really pick a favourite track. Moving AF in a number of places. Excellent. Favorite track: Fallow (I-III).
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    'Diaries' is a two part diary/journal I kept during the making of this album. It offers a naked and blunt insight into my mind, the 'creative' process and the mundane hours the world fell into during 2020-2021.

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Only Water 06:22
Only water can escape from the sun When the moon falls Only we can fail Fail on our father's gun Only we can walk the words from our tongue Speaking and standing alone Only water can escape from the sun When the moon falls Only water can save itself From the looming toll Ruthlessly dragging us down Ruthlessly dragging us close to the earth I turned to look but you weren’t there As the midnight lamps burned This breeze is burning our eyes We were told not to stare at the sun Only you can take my hand Down through the wounded soil Only water can escape from the sun When the moon falls Ruthlessly dragging us down Ruthlessly dragging us close the earth Ruthlessly dragging me down Ruthlessly dragging me closer to you
The Nest 03:08
I was told to live A simple lie Not knowing if We’re living on borrowed time To draw blood from a stone And drag the word Not knowing if They fall in in line You were told to live With unopened arms Had the nest become A ghostly deserted place Had the stork gone out And forgave the pain Not knowing yourself Not knowing your place We were told to live We were told to live To wonder why The moon punctuates the earth So I read the book But It didn’t fit I found god too intrusive And quick to turn on the rain You were meant to live Today You were meant to live
When all is said and done Did we do enough To keep the looming light on The doves will soar They dance across As if they know something we don’t I saw the pain you felt You asked aloud Will we lay our cards on the table The trains above Blur across As if pained by our motion I saw you pass upon the stairs Illuminated glow Where did the time go Through the crack in our door The stillness I sowed Weaves its hold The days pass faster each time In stillness I loathe Like a flame blown Casting it’s light for a moment Some days I wake The sun hangs high I lie in the spell you carry with you There’s people around Smiling abound I don’t know how I came to meet them And doves still soar They arc above As if late for something we’ve done I thought I saw you standing there With a fading glow Don’t let the fight go To the still that I sow The still that I sow The still that I hold onto I wove, I rode, I know The still that I sow The still that I hold onto For you
Threads 03:10
When summer comes To stain all the glass Alter in gold Laughter and mirth How could I go Hay barn on fire Sleeping through Pull the thread of a cobweb An hour each day Every time I looked You were looking away You be the present I’ll live in the past Pouring out old photos Of you stood by the bay Where did it go Where did it go I’ll put the memory In this leaving song I sing to remember The evening astray But you should hear something better To end your day End your day
Last night in exile Drawing to a close Running through the snow Crashing to the earth Treading on broken glass Stepping on hot coals Feet turn an ashen black Fighting distorted you The colour of the room fades The colour drained from you Painted cities loom in view So far from you Where we’re from the birds Sing a simple song We bathed in the murmured light of the setting sun From the window You saw what the ocean wore A heavy mist that led to the shore Forget it once, forget it in spite Forget how it stole the night and undid it all And how it stopped
Fifteen 03:51
Through dark passages and deathly holes Out came a timid mouse It got torn in a jaw by the whitest blades In my arms, I carried it slow From the ground it turned and looked at me As if to say, ‘please don’t go’ But I turned and off I walked To the safety of my home I still wonder if it screamed ‘I’m down here in the cold’ Down here in the cold I’m down here in the cold Down here in the cold When I was 15 I pushed my dad to the floor Only I know how much I think of it still He’d provided the same food and warmth That the mouse sought all along Now it’s me that lays here in the cold With my ghosts 5000 days old Now I lay in the cold Here In the cold Here I lay in the cold Here In the cold It’s hard to live with this pain that we know It’d be easy to crawl into bed And be bones
New Pardoner 06:15
If they came at dawn I’d be half of what they need It’s unfortunate to note I’m in need of a new pardoner I steal amongst the house Startled by things in the room Don’t let me sleep for too long I hear he’s some place near To take my gold and run Watch me buy my way out Little do they know how it feels To need a new pardoner If love was the answer i’d heal I’d beat on the door till it’s near Enough to hold To know To hold To know But It’s hard to see through the noise I walk with my head low With precambrian ease i’d be Amongst the slain and the breeze But don’t get me wrong i will hold Watch me fight my way out Little do i know how to feel I’ll hold on as long as i can I’ll hold on as long as i can


Written and recorded 2020-2022, in too many rooms and with too much distraction.

For Rachel, my guiding light through the darkness.

- -

To sum up a body of work, a collection of songs or a single piece of expression is hard. I can't claim these pieces document a particular place, lived experience or period of time but I can say they were written strongest in the moments I was overwhelmed by the world.

Much of this was written during a period I spent having returned to my childhood home, amongst cobwebs, creatures, artefacts and memories I didn't recognise.

I found myself in a life-hiatus, trying to move closer to a loved one during a pandemic and battling a physical illness that hampered my guitar playing and energy.

I found myself exploring faith during these periods, despite the most open mind I found any God to be too intrusive. There was no system that could explain the things humans experience in their lives and the things I saw and heard around me.

This humble collection of songs is my attempt to understand these things, to understand how experience shapes us and most importantly, how our own lived experience can be used to better understand another's.

The most important thing is to love and to be loved. To hold sight of this during the most stormy weather and the longest nights.


released August 27, 2022

Jacob Ware - Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Demi Haynes - Backing Vocals (1,4) Lead Vocals (5)
Fernando Mendez - Strings
Nestor Middleton - Piano (4)
Luke De-Sciscio - Backing Vocals (7)

Mixed by Jacob Ware, Jamie Moore, Fernando Mendez
Mastered by Mike Sims
Additional artwork by David Nix
Tape + Vinyl Layout by Manon Raupp


With thanks to Demi, Angie, Filip, Fernando, Jamie, David, Manon, Luke, Robyn, Nestor and Mike for their inspiration, work and for holding my hand during the making of this record.

There’s people abound, smiling no doubt.

I don’t know how I came to meet them.


all rights reserved



Rapt London, UK


semi-retired black metal artist.



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= David Nix

- Nathan Kirch
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